We believe that change starts with us


I WILL RISE is a premium footwear and apparel label based in Cologne, Germany, which is deeply rooted within the Hip Hop, Streetwear and international Skateboarding culture.
It was founded within the hot summer of 2020 by Artist and Designer Nando Nkrumah.
We are Designers and Artists but that does not mean we don’t care about the workers and the conditions our products are crafted in.
Therefore, we offer sustainable, fair produced and vegan products to the people who share our vision.
Our products are released as a conversations which have risen above commercial marketing cycles of the ordinary fashion industry.
We invest a lot of time and patience to create special editions of unique and vegan footwear and apparel that is a blend of high quality manufacturing from Ghana and Portugal.
By combining traditional artisanship and state-of-the art-technology, our creations remain unique and honest experiences.



I WILL RISE does not tollerate exploitation and sweatshops. We believe that a sneaker can not be cool as long as it has blood on it. Therefore our products are fair produced in human friendly environments without child labour and exploitation.


We are constantly searching for the latest recycled, biodegradable and sustainable materials without compromises on comfort and quality.


We use electricity from renewable energy sources in our headquarter and cooperate with partners that invest in projects with a positive impact in human lives.


Our products are cruelty free produced. We believe that vegan materials are important to minimize animal suffering and CO2 emissions significantly.

We support Skateboarding in Ghana


photo by Love Mensah Adjetey Mayne

We are commited to support skateboarding and sponsor individuals in Ghana with the donation of skate equipment.
For us, skateboarding means transforming obstacles into chances -
A process of learning to see the surrounding world with new eyes. We have experienced this ourselves and want to share this valuable experience with the young generation to transform the world.


Styling: Eva Nkrumah
Make-Up: Sonia O'Connor
Photos (if not stated differently): Nando Nkrumah
Models: Leila Akinyi, Eva Tchari, Risto Saar
Giftcard-Illustration: Steffi Jung (What the Fox)


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