Q: Are your products vegan?
A: Yes, we don’t sell or manufacture products that contain leather, silk or wool. And the I WILL RISE sneaker is Peta-Approved.

Q: Why did you choose to manufacture a part of your components in Ghana?
A: We want to strengthen Ghanaian startups.

Q: Why don’t you use leather?
A: For us fair production means cruelty-free production as well. Animals are suffering a lot within the cycle of leather manufacturing, and we do not accept it for our own products. Therefore we constantly research and test alternative materials. Beside the pain, leather manufacturing has a high impact on CO2 Emissions.

Q: Do you have an online shop?
A: The shop should be ready within the next months. If you want to receive a product,  please visit the crowdfunding campaign. We value your support and offer I WILL RISE sneakers and apparel as a reward.

Q: Is crowdfunding (on kickstarter.com) refundable?
A: Kickstarter is not a online shop and does not issue refunds. When you back a project, you're supporting a creator's right to try to make something new—and agreeing to go along for the ride. If we are not collecting the required total sum needed for the initial batch, the money returns back to the backers. That creates more trust and security for backers. For more information, read the kickstarter's Terms of Use.

Q: When will you ship the sneakers after the crowdfunding?
A: The shipping is targeted in May 2021. We have already fully functional and comfortable prototypes to minimize the risks of delays.

Q: Why are you selling the I WILL RISE sneaker during the crowdfunding for a reduced price? How much will the sneaker cost after the crowdfunding?
A: Vegan and sustainable materials and fair production in Portugal and Ghana has its costs. And Kickstarter, Sales fees and Taxes are added up. So we are selling the classic sneaker (green, black, yellow color-scheme) for a low price (starting with 115,00 € for super early bird plus shipping) during the crowdfunding. There are also bulk prices so that you can order together with your friends and colleagues and save even more. That means a lot of our time we dedicated on the product development is unpaid. We are doing this to reward the people who belive in our mission and early supporters. After the crowdfunding period we have to sell the shoes for a much higher price. We can not compete with cheap production from Vietnam, China and Brazil because our production costs are 3-6 times higher (depending on the region). But we believe that (some) people understand this and still want to support our course regardless. For those we dedicate our time and design our products.

Q: What kind of vegan-leather do you use?
A: We use a vegan leather based on corn starch. That means that we can reduce the PU components to a minimum and increase the organic parts up to 69%.


You can also check out our kickstarter-crowdfunding site for more infos.
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